Bahá'í Faith's Own Prophecies:-
Historical Prophecies:-
•The Fall of Napoleon
•The Defeat of Germany
•The Success of Queen Victoria
•Sultan & Minister of Turkey warned
•Breakup of the Ottoman Empire
•Downfall of the Persian Monarch
•Constitutional Government for Persia
•Massive decline in World Monarchy
•End of Caliphate & World Ecclesiastics
•Communism; its Rise and Fall
•Rise of Israel as Jewish Homeland
•Jewish Persecution & Israel Homeland
•America's Racial Struggles
•Bahá'u'lláh's Release from Prison
•Destruction of Bahá'u'lláh's House
•Lack of Schism in Bahá'í Faith
Scientific Prophecies:-
•Explosion of Scientific Progress
•Development of Nuclear Weapons
•Transmutation of Elements & Peril of
•That Complex Elements Evolve
•Planets; a product of Star formation
•Space Travel
•Some Cancers are Communicable
•Missing Link is not to be Found
•Ether as an Abstract Reality
•No Mechanical Model of Universe
As Yet Unfulfilled Prophecies:-
•America to Crush the Oppressors
•Whole World will become Bahá'í
•Wars, then World Peace foretold