meaningfulness all be understood
the Kingdom as promised in
Doctrine; 12
the Bahai understanding of law
born again; new birth discussed
church membershp reqd for salvation?
favorite ploy of Christian theologians
God's Law, Justice and Mercy
how know true parts of Christianity
Justification does not take place
Premise of Original Sin
Resurrection; Grave; Sleep defined
Salvation discussed
Spiritual Transformation
Jesus Same as God?
Jesus's relationship with God
Christianity; 3
belief in its own uniqueness
a new view
a usual view of Islam & Bahai
Church; 2
attitude toward other religions
& questions in church theology
Kingdom; 4
earthly one of God described
Old Testament promise of
False Prophets; re: Bahaullah
God; Station of
Jesus; 4
example of jesus not being God
talks with disciples after His death
why He never married
Muhammad; why People Rejected