Baha'i & World Peace
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 What is the Bahá'í Faith?
 Who is Bahá'u'lláh?
 Who is Christ?
 What is Man?
 What is a Bahá'í?
The Future World:-
 Bahá'í Peace Letter (1985)
 Charter for a Future World
 The Peace Compilation
 One Common Faith
Present-World Guidance:-
 Some Answered Questions (quotes)
 Some Answered Questions (index)
 Mostly for Governments
 Mostly for Communities
 Mostly for Individuals
 Expectations of Other Peoples
Criticism and Questions:-
 Answers to Scientist Enquiries
 Answers to Theologian Criticism
 The Search for Truth
 Spiritual, Psychic Ability
 Miracles & Mysticism
 The Universe & Science
The Return of Christ:-
 The Signs of Christ's Return
 Signs to be Taken Literally?
 |  The Return of Elias
 Five Bible Return Scenarios
 Rapture? Baha'i Understanding
 |  More Information
 Specific Return Information
 Events Signaling Christ's Return
 Events to Occur While on Earth
 Events to Occur Afterward
 Christ to have a New Name
 Will Come from Where?
 Baha'u'llah Proofs Same as Jesus
 Returned Christ to See Future
 Other Return Predictions
 Other Return Prophecy Topics
 Some Major Misunderstandings
 Other Bahá'í Teachings
 Why Periodic Redeemers?
Regarding Biblical Proofs:-
 Understanding Prophecy
 What Constitutes Proof?
 Proof Defined by Jesus
 Other Proofs
Predicted Christian Attitudes:-
 Christian Expectations
 Christian Cautions
 Christian Fears & Concerns
 Christian Forcasts